reveal Disco Stuart AR avatar on Google App

Minions are back with another new technological promotion for its latest movie, Minions: The Rise of Guru. This time they are exploring augmented reality with Google App. Users can now view and interact with Disco Stuart minion as an AR avatar on Google App.

Simply download Google App and search ‘Minions.’ A page will load to show Disco Stuart, click on it and you will be directed to access your camera to see the Minion in a real space dancing to any funky music you play!

Minions are produced by the animation company Illumination, co-owned by Universal Pictures. Minions are everyone’s favorite characters and have managed to become a worldwide hit with its movie series.

The AR avatar of a minion will surely introduce kids to a new technology of the future. There’s no doubt in saying AR will soon become part of the metaverse as many companies surround their projects with AR.

Illumination previously dropped free NFTs called Apathetic Gru Banana Club featuring Gru as a kid in April 2022. The company seems to be aiming at NFTs but hasn’t hinted at any plans to do so this year.

Since Minions are loved by many, there’s no doubt in saying Minions as NFTs will be highly in-demand digital collectibles among kids and adults.

Until then, enjoy the immersive experience with Disco Stuart minion on Google AR!