Musk vs. Twitter: Rumors of shutdown cause panic among users

Tumblr reaches an all-time high of signups and logins after rumors of Twitter going down circulated online. Instagram and MySpace are also among the top social media with the most signups.

This morning, the hashtag #RIPTwitter trended worldwide as users found alternate platforms to keep up with their followers and friends. However, Elon Musk claims the app saw an all-time high usage.

Twitter, especially the non-crypto community, has had extreme views about Musk taking over. Ever since the billionaire bought the bird app, he has made a lot of changes to the platform’s policies.

Recently, Musk issued a statement to its employees informing them that the leadership will be implementing “extremely hardcore Twitter 2.0” and they had to sign an online form until Thursday, 5 pm.

As a result, hundreds of employees slammed down their resignation letters on the deadline day. The company announced it is shutting down buildings temporarily and revoking badge access.

This caught a lot of attention from the users because a huge amount of workers leaving shows a clear sign that the social media app isn’t doing well.

A rumor began to circulate that Twitter will be shutting down by tonight or soon and people started flooding their alternate accounts on Instagram, MySpace, or Tumblr.

In response to seeing the users panicking, Musk seems quite calm about the situation. Maybe he’s used to watching the users panic or he’s positive it will work well despite the IT teams leaving.

His non-serious tweets and memes about this situation have turned him into the new real enemy of social media after Mark Zuckerberg.