Nanjing University, China launches metaverse courses for students

Nanjing University in China has announced metaverse majors and training courses for students to learn and develop skills for metaverse-related professions, becoming the first institution to do so.

As metaverse technology expands, the demand for trained staff has increased in various companies. The university is taking the initiative to educate its students about this.

The university also renamed its Information Engineering Department to “Metaverse Engineering Department” to introduce more metaverse-related courses that are common to all professions.

According to the dean of the department, Pan Zhigeng, there will be three different working groups: – Metaverse Research Institute – Smart Meteorological Research institute – Smart Medical Research Institute

These three groups will help students learn about metaverse, especially in the fields of smart healthcare, smart education, and digital tourism. The department will also connect with Web3 firms.

China is actively developing its strategies and policies to bring massive metaverse adoption in the country. Other than Nanjing University, Tokyo University also announced metaverse courses.

Local governments in China are also actively participating in bringing metaverse to the public. They are currently investigating the different possibilities of the metaverse that could benefit them.

China is known for being more technologically advanced than other countries. Although the companies are struggling to unban crypto and NFTs, China is actively participating in Web3.

NFTStudio24 is also on a mission to educate over 3M people for its “Metaverse for all” campaign in different countries through various collaborations and online course certificates. Coming soon!

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