New Zealand team buys 33 WoW NFTs ahead of Rugby World Cup

New Zealand Rugby Commercial recently bulk-bought 33 World of Women NFTs. The women's avatars will be representing female players participating in the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2022.

NZRC is the commercial arm of New Zealand’s rugby team that decided to use WoW avatars to promote their players during the World Cup. This is a new utility of NFTs initiated by the team.

According to the press release, the team is trying out the new Web3 technology. “We have been watching, learning, and absorbing all we can from the sidelines…” said NZRC CEO Richard Thomas.

This bulk buy indicates that the NZ team is expanding its brand in Web3. “...we believe purchasing these powerful NFTs was the right way to show our intent and actively participate,” Thomas said.

World of Women or WoW is one of the best-selling NFT collections in the world created by digital artist Yam Karkai. WoW is also a community of women currently contributing to Web3.

In fact, WoW has become a global Web3 brand working with different women-led projects to empower other professional women and bring them into the Web3 space.

The New Zealand Rugby Commercial team expressed their plans to partner with the WoW community and work on different Web3-related projects with the community members.

The 33 World of Women NFTs will be representative avatars of the NZ Rugby team during the Rugby World Cup 2022 and also establish their Web3 identity in the metaverse.