Next Chymia CEO Kenji Sasaki invests in Virtua metaverse

Next Chymia, a Blockchain consultancy group, invests in Virtua ahead of its metaverse launch. The CEO Kenji Sasaki will be backing Virtua in creating an open-source multi-purpose gamified metaverse.

Virtua is a well-known metaverse platform that provides a 3D-immersive social and gaming experience via NFTs and blockchain technology. It is a newly emerging platform built for everyone.

Kenji Sasaki is an early investor and co-founder of Cardano. Under his leadership, Next Chymia has been investing in different projects working towards the development of the Web3 world.

Virtua first launched Cardano Island in partnership with Cardano, enabling the Cardano community to buy land and digital assets within the immersive 3D metaverse.

Seeing the successful launch of Cardano’s virtual home and Virtua’s vision, Sasaki decided to invest in its upcoming gamified metaverse world called Virtua Prime.

“Sasaki San has an incredible reputation in the industry as a founder of the Cardano network,” says Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Virtua.

Referencing Next Chymia, he added, “Its consultancy and investment in our project will create huge opportunities, and we can’t wait to work with Sasaki San and the Next Chymia team.”

Sasaki also expressed his anticipation of Virtua’s metaverse. In a press release, he said,  “We see Virtua as a leader in the space and we are delighted that the project is now part of our portfolio.”

Yellow Star

Next Chymia team will be helping the metaverse platform to fulfill its vision of building Virtua Prime, and also to develop a better future in blockchain technology as an “ethical investor.”


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