NFL is releasing NFT 



The NFL or National Football League announces commemorative tickets will be released as NFTs for the attendees in the 2022 gaming season.

The tickets will be based on the Flow blockchain for 100 live regular season games this year in partnership with Ticketmaster.

The NFL has been experimenting with NFT tickets since last year. For the 2021 gaming season, NFL released NFT tickets based on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform

In 2022, NFL plans on expanding its NFT reach further by offering a commemorative ticket NFT for every first-week game this season. The ticket NFTs will be more than last year so that every fan can enjoy its benefits.

The NFL’s 32 participating teams will also release NFT tickets for a minimum of three home games.

“We wanted to do something that all 32 clubs would be able to engage with and offer to their fans on a local level,” says Abby Desai, NFL’s Club Business Development team member.

Desai shared that last year NFL saw a great interest in NFTs by the fans, so this year the football league will offer more utility to the NFT tickets such as access to exclusive events.

The attendees will be able to attend the NFL season games by scanning their NFTs to attend the stadium

These NFTs can also be traded on the secondary marketplace after the games are over as a long-term legacy or a valuable memory for the football fans.