NFT Artist DeeKay’s Twitter hacked, multiple NFTs stolen

On July 15, DeeKay Kwon, a renowned NFT artist, Twitter account got hacked. The hacker posted a phishing link on DeeKay’s account to fool his followers and stole NFTs worth $150K from multiple wallets. The artist promised to reimburse the compromised wallets.

DeeKay Kwon has around 180K followers on his Twitter account who loyally follow him because of his attractive artwork and NFT projects. For a short time, Twitter’s two-factor authentication was glitchy. The hacker took the chance to hack into DeeKay’s Twitter immediately.

The hacker then tweeted a link with a post that read,  “The LetsWalk Collection Airdrop is now live! Only 1,000 lucky people are able to claim! Good luck!”

According to various sources, NFTs worth $150K were stolen and are still not recovered as of now.

His followers thought it was a sudden airdrop and approved transactions after clicking the link. As soon as they approved, the hacker got in and stole all the existing NFTs within the wallets.

On Saturday, DeeKay finally recovered his account and tweeted a detailed explanation of how it all happened. He said,

“My Twitter was hacked, and the hacker has been tweeting a fake mint site. I reacted to it ASAP and spread the word but could not stop the damage in time.”

DeeKay also announced to reimburse the affected followers but also added he doesn’t know how because many are pretending to be affected as malicious actors.