NFT Game Review: Enter the futuristic world of WAGMI Games

A meme token that turned into an NFT game and ecosystem, introducing WAGMI Games’ WAGMI Defense. A complete package to a futuristic action-adventure storyline, 3D NFT characters, and token utility.

WAGMI Defense is a Tower Defense Mobile Responsive PvP Game set in the year 3022. Aliens attack Earth to steal “NiFe”. The humans have gathered forces called WAGMI to protect the earth.

The storyline is a battle between aliens and humans. Players can choose to either pick an alien or a human; each has its own unique towers, accessories, power-ups, etc.

At first, users are given a base set of cards. For the free-to-play mechanism, players cannot upgrade their characters unless they buy NFTs from the WAGMI marketplace using WAGMI tokens.

WAGMI Game Genesis Collection is a 3,022 NFTs hand-drawn by artist MaddSketch of characters that will be used as avatars in WAGMI Defense minted on March 2022.

The NFT genesis holders receive a lot of utility with their NFT – NFT holders get a chance to claim PLUS, an in-game asset bundle NFTs. – A residual income of 10% from all the in-game purchases revenue

WAGMI Games also features WAGMI tokens as part of the WAGMI ecosystem, earned by winning battles and making progress with the NFT game.

The WAGMI token also has an IRL utility against Ethereum coins on WAGMIGAMES Exchange. Players can swap WAGMI tokens to get ETH coins and store them in a crypto wallet for other uses.

WAGMI Defense is basically built to provide players with maximum utility and a source of income. Unlike basic adventure games, WAGMI Games gives players the opportunity to earn through its NFT game.

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