Montenegro is Pro-NFT, while Poland  is Anti-NFT

Montenegro is Pro-NFT, while Poland  is Anti-NFT

Researchers studied the worldwide searches on NFTs to see which country's citizens are most and least interested in NFTs. Findings reveal Montenegro, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada are NFT-friendly, while Poland, Nicaragua, Belize, and Jamaica hate NFTs.

NFTs are slowly becoming a mainstream industry over the last few years. However, there seems to be a lot of misunderstandings, hatred, and ignorance surrounding the latest technology.

A huge chunk of the world population refuses to accept this new technology, while the small Web3 community is rapidly expanding by making an effort to educate and promote positive messages with NFTs. decided to conduct a study to see the world’s response to NFTs country-wise. They gathered data using various research tools, Twitter, and also from the top 100 NFTs on OpenSea to write a comprehensive yet authentic report named “NFT Interest and Sentiment.”

According to the results, Singapore is the most interested in NFTs, then Hong Kong and Canada. Montenegro is pro-NFT with most search results and socials expressing NFTs in a positive tone. Poland ranks #1 most anti-NFT country in the world with the most tweets calling out NFTs in a negative tone, followed by Nicaragua, Belize, and Jamaica.

The studies also showed that Axie Infinity and Decentraland are the most searched NFT communities in 112 countries around the world. Bored Ape Yacht Club is worth the mention as well.

The results are quite surprising because instead of America, Singapore ranks highest in NFT interest, while most European countries seem to hate the idea of NFTs.