Popular  NFT Projects on Tezos

Tezos blockchain was founded in 2017 by Kathleen and Arthur Breitman. Tezos is designed to evolve providing upgradeability, longevity, and security to its consumers. It is mainly an open-source platform that is working towards revolutionizing the Web3 world.

Tezos marketplaces all consist of some exclusive content that sets them apart from one another. Hic et Nunc (HEN) is the first-ever Tezos marketplace that was built as a rival to Ethereum-based marketplaces but then the platform went down in November 2021.

Top 6 NFTS  on Tezos

If you are someone looking for refreshing NFTs, the Tezos marketplace might have something of your taste and preference. Here are the six most popular NFT projects listed on the Tezos marketplace.


Tezzardz is an emerging NFT project that features Tezos-native lizards. It is a collective of 4,200 generative “snazzy little fukrs” NFT PFPs called Tezzardz.

Each NFT is hand-drawn by digital illustrator George Goodwin. Since this is an original design by Goodwin, the holders can view 97 traits in each Tezzard that showcase the artist’s unique art style.

Dogamí is a 3D, metaverse-based NFT project featuring interactive virtual pets. It is a collection of 8,000 Dogamí NFTs for the first drop on 22.2.22 which is currently sold out.

There are over 200 dog breeds present in the Dogami marketplace from which users can pick based on their preferences. Once a user adopts a dog, they have to train it to earn rewards in $DOGA, the native coin.

These NFTs are launched for the upcoming metaverse game with AR functionality where users will be able to operate their dogs as avatars.



Ottez NFT collection is inspired by the world of otters. Ottez has taken over the earth while humans remain no more. It is a unique yet innovative project that became one of the best-selling NFT projects since its launch on Objkt.

Ottez features 4,007 programmatically generative ottez. Each Ottez has a specific rarity trait that makes them unique from one another. The recent NFT collection also featured 7 rare Ottez called The Magnificent 7 with all unique traits.

ZIGGURATS is Tezos’ first-ever audio NFT collection mixtape. The collection consists of 5000 unique audio and visual NFTs generated from new art and audios by Mike Shinoda, widely known for being a member of Linkin Park.

ZIGGURATS is an art inspired by the Ziggurat in ancient Mesopotamia, which was a tall, layered, structure made for gods. The NFT collection showcases a beautiful blend of ancient history, art, and culture with unique rarity traits, some being too rare.

The audio is originally produced by Mike Shinoda and each NFT has completely different audio than another.



FxHash is an open platform for users to collect and create NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. This NFT platform is designed to publish generative tokens and exchange them freely on the platform.

FxHash enables creators and artists to explore the world of NFTs and trading through the platform. Users simply mint their work as generative art that is stored into iterations of NFTs. In other words, every token is “independent, self-contained, and immutable.”

If you’re a fan of the Cyberpunk and the dystopian genre, Tezos marketplace has just the right NFTs for you. PRJKTNEON features 600 randomly generated NFTs called AVATARS.

Each AVATAR comes with a barcode that scans to show rarity traits. The project also has PRJKTNEON files where “lore, special characters, and other collectibles will be minted for the benefits of the collectors.”


Tezos blockchain is one of the leading blockchain networks that rival the Ethereum blockchain. Tezos comprises a team of highly professional and experienced individuals working together to evolve the blockchain industry as a whole.

On the other hand, the Tezos marketplace offers a wide range of NFT collections designed by well-known creators and artists around the world. There is no doubt in saying that Tezos’ marketplace, Objkt will become one of the best platforms to trade NFTs.