ranks #5 

ranks #5 

on OpenSea after its announcement of building a new game

Forget Minecraft, NFT Worlds is now building its own game to empower in-game NFTs. After creator Mojang announced the NFT ban on Minecraft, all the platforms using the game’s source code were forced to leave including NFT Worlds which has built its metaverse project based on Minecraft’s source code.

At first, the co-founder of NFT Worlds under the pseudonym name of ArkDev announced they will announce a proper plan of action following Minecraft’s ban.

Later, the metaverse project released an official statement detailing its intention to create a new game of its own. The company said, “Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft have signaled they have no regard for creators, builders, and players…”

NFT Worlds explained that it is an ecosystem built to empower creators and developers through Minecraft's servers to enter the Web3 space. “NFT Worlds gave the world a vision of what Web3 technologies could positively bring to existing and new games at scale.”

NFT Worlds supported Minecraft servers where players could buy virtual lands and earn cryptocurrencies which Mojang aimed to completely shut down claiming it violated its guidelines.

In response, the company announced,  “We’re creating a new game and platform based on many of the core mechanics of Minecraft, but with the modernization and active development Minecraft has been missing for years.”

As a result, NFT Worlds rose to popularity on the OpenSea marketplace and is currently #5 in the 24h chart.