How Coorest is changing the environmental narrative of NFTs

On this International Tiger Day, learn about how you can sustain nature, endangered wildlife, forest, and the overall natural ecosystem.

NFTrees is a project by Coorest that is promoting tree planting exercises through NFTs. For every NFT you mint, Coorest will plant a tree and reward you with $CCO2 tokens.

Coorest is a decentralized ecosystem solely built to promote environmental awareness and environmental-friendly projects within the blockchain realm.

NFTrees is a new NFT project that links tokens to real-world trees. In other words, for every NFT minted, a tree is planted in the forest. Then, the owner receives Coorest’s native token, $CCO2 based on how much the NFT’s tree has sequestered CO2.

These tokens hold value as they can be sold in the market or used as carbon compensation. The tokens will be used to fund farmers and landowners to further develop abandoned agricultural land bought by Coorest for the sake of environmental stability.

The NFTree forests and orchards will be located in Northern Europe, Mohawk, NY, U.S, and Caspe, Spain with fruit-bearing and other mixed trees in batches.

To promote environment-friendly NFTs to the world, Coorest has partnered with Polygon Studios to help them change the narrative.

Seeing the deteriorating situation of the environment due to forest fires, gas emissions, and extremely hot conditions, Coorest wants to put its utmost priority to promote NFTree more than ever.

Polygon Studios will support Coorest through its platform on its mission to plant trees via NFTs.