NFTs could bring value and extend copyright expiration

Copyright expiration is a big challenge for the creative and publishing industry. NFTs can help authors regain their value in the market by “digitalizing” their work.

As soon as a character’s or any other item’s copyright expires by law, it becomes a public domain and holds less or no value in the market. NFTs have the capability to extend copyright expiration dates to a longer period of time by adding value to them.

Experts believe NFTs might be the answer for all those companies whose works or characters are on the verge of expiring copyrights. They can introduce NFTs or other digital collectibles of a certain item and maintain its longevity.

For this purpose, the Alliance of Independent Authors has geared up to assist authors in preserving their originally written books and have ownership through non-fungible token technology.


Tezos Farmation by Tezos blockchain has divided  George Orwell’s Animal Farm book into 10,000 pieces and uploaded them as NFTs on the marketplace.

In a world where authors and artists are most likely to lose copyright after their death due to the country's laws, NFTs emerge as an important technology that could preserve the author’s name and work in digital form.

So, even if the author dies, the estate was used as digital assets and people can remember their work as preserved in the blockchain world.

Many written works and characters have lost their value after copyright expiration. With NFTs, the publishing industry can finally regain its right to ownership.