Norwegian Authorities to launch Metaverse Tax Office in  Decentraland

In a recent Nokios conference, Brønnøysundregistrene, the Central register, and Skatteetaten, the Tax Authorities, announced they will be opening a tax office in Decentraland.

After the UAE, Norway is also taking a step into the metaverse. The authority will be partnering with Ernst and Young (EY), a consulting firm, to make this project a successful launch.

Europe is actively participating in the Web3 industry with various tech individuals contributing to the development. Norway is now aiming to educate its people about this emerging technology.

In a linked post, Magnas Jones from EY shared that this initiative by the Authorities will enable users to know about tax in DeFi and NFTs.

“Kudos once again to Norwegian authorities who dares to make moves to bring clarity in a complex landscape,” he said in the post.

Brønnøysundregistrene will also be exploring various possibilities related to DAO, blockchain technology, smart contracts, crypto wallets, etc. to see how they can be utilized in daily life.

Decentraland is an emerging metaverse platform built on blockchain where users can play, trade, create, and interact in a virtual space from anywhere in the world.

Along with Norway, the UAE and the UK governments have also launched government offices on Decentraland to educate the masses about Web3 and blockchain.

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