OneOf x Biggie Smalls’

NFTs sold out

Sky’s The Limit

Late American rapper, Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G Music License NFTs sold out on OneOf NFT marketplace within 10 minutes.

The 3,000 generative PFPs called Sky’s The Limit: The Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection was released as a collaboration between The Estate Of Christopher Wallace (his real name) and OneOf to honor the rapper’s musical legacy.

Each NFT offers holders a generative PFP of The Notorious B.I.G, exclusive licensing ownership of his freestyle rap, and other utility benefits.

According to the official press release, holders will have the right to sample the freestyle rap for their own music projects.

“Using NFT technology, Biggie’s legacy and his outsized impact on music and culture will be forever cemented on blockchain, to be honored and shared with fans around the world and for generations to come,”  said Josh James COO of OneOf.

Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace also expressed her excitement about the NFT project by saying,  “We are excited about our partnership with OneOf and their expertise to memorialize my son Christopher with this first official NFT drop to give his fans an opportunity to participate in and honor their love of him and his music.”

OneOf is providing exclusive benefits to Biggie’s fans including access to The Brook Metaverse, a project by the estate which celebrates hip hop, culture, art, and music through the gamified virtual experience of the 90’s Brooklyn, the time when The Notorious B.I.G. was alive and living.