OpenSea goes multi-chain, launch on Avalanche

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, is expanding to become multi-chain by launching on Avalanche blockchain. OpenSea users can now buy, sell, and trade Avalanche NFTs.

For the past few months, many marketplaces are competing against each other to provide multi-chain support to their users. It began with the Magic Eden launchpad for Ethereum.

Then, OpenSea also actively launched Solana launchpad, and now it has expanded to one of the most successful blockchains, Avalanche which offers lower transaction fees, compared to ETH.

“The future of web3 is multichain; and it’s always been our goal to offer the best selection and connect people with projects and creators across the chains they prefer,” VP of OpenSea Shiva Rajaraman said.

Avalanche has its own marketplace as well but the companies partnering with the blockchain preferred OpenSea to be more convenient, according to John Wu, president of Ava Labs.

“They want a chain that can handle massive amounts of activity from its users. These brands are far more comfortable working with OpenSea,Wu said.

There’s no doubt in saying that OpenSea has more capability to handle huge traffic than other platforms. After all, it is the largest and highest-ranking marketplace in the world.

With the multi-chain launch, all Avalanche NFTs will be listed on OpenSea, so users who are only familiar with Ethereum or Solana NFTs will get a chance to buy Avalanche as well.



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