Painted House’s

Black is Beautiful

goes live on House of First NFT platform

“Black is Beautiful,” an NFT project by Painted House goes live for minting on the House of First NFT platform.

The project features 1,000 one-of-one NFTs of digital illustrations drawn by Nick Davis, a black artist, celebrating the art, culture, and heritage of Black people, paired with his personal feelings.

The illustrations depict the everyday struggles and joys of Black people living in America. By using black as the main color for the NFTs, David portrays images as “playful, heartwarming, wholesome, provocative, inspiring, and sometimes heavy.”

Black is Beautiful by Painted House mainly celebrates the richness and sense of community engraved in the black community. According to the official website, “Davis wants to let his community know that despite the current state of the world, your Black remains immeasurably beautiful.”

Black is Beautiful has already been recognized globally by BET's Artist of the Week, PBS's WEDU Arts Plus series, The Weekly Challenger, Creative Pinellas, Cadillac, and more.

Now, Painted House is partnering with House of First to release an exclusive NFT collection on its NFT platform with different other collaborators namely, Ashanti, Tanya Sam Bam, Adebayo, Shira Lazar, Manouschka Gurrier, Nely Galan, and Baron Davis.

The 10 percent proceeds from this project will be donated to five HBCUs: Jackson State University, Morgan State University, Hampton University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College.

Each NFT is sold at a mint price of 0.33 ETH, which is around 396 USD.