announces model look-alike 3D avatars for the metaverse

Photogenics, a model agency, announces a Metaverse division as an iteration of the future fashion. 13 models signed under Photogenics now have their 3D metaverse avatars look-alikes.

The fashion industry is one of the pioneering fields for new technology adoption. In Web3, brands and agencies are taking initiatives to expand their business in digital form through various projects.

As the metaverse expands into the mainstream world, more fashion brands and companies are expected to innovate using blockchain technology, just like Photogenics is doing now.

Photogenics has partnered with Nina Hawkins from Lilium Labs and Sage Morei, a 3D filmmaker, from Horizon Labs to help the agency achieve goals through their expertise in the virtual world.

The idea behind choosing to expand into the digital world, based on the press release, is to help models establish careers as avatars in the metaverse to maintain longevity in the fashion industry.

“Unlike us […] our avatar never sleeps and never ages. […] Your avatar can retain your legacy even long after you retire and with it all that you have worked so hard to build,”  said Hawkins and Morei.

Nicole Bordeaux, the founder of Photogenics said,  “As trailblazers in the industry, we wanted to create this opportunity so that our industry doesn’t fall to computer-generated talent.”

Photogenics is looking for ways to introduce its metaverse avatars as VTubers models.  There’s also a possibility of the models entering the metaverse platforms in the near future.

Metaverse, virtual avatars, and NFTs have opened millions of infinite possibilities for everyone, and Photogenics is exploring just one possibility to keep its models’ legacy alive for a long time.

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