Picasso Art Case  The Magic Violin  to become an NFT

WISe.ART 2.1 NFT Marketplace announces it will turn Picasso’s“The Magic Violin” art case into an NFT. The platform will offer a phygital package with the original art piece and the Hologram version of the NFT, which will be displayed in two museums.

Centered around the idea of Cubism, Picasso dominated the artwork by creating pieces out of cutout materials pasted together into geometrical shapes turning 3D into 2D renderings.

The Magic Violin is a Picasso's Replicas Of Le Douanier Rousseau's Stolen Violins in the form of artwork in a case, which will now become part of the metaverse. WISe.ART with the help of Venezuelan artist Pedro Sandoval will be turning this historical art masterpiece into NFT for people to buy and own.

WISe.ART is a new NFT marketplace by WISeKey International Holding Ltd., a blockchain, AI, and IoT cybersecurity company that provides digital ownership of digital assets and authentication with physical assets.

The platform utilizes WISeKey innovative technologies to ensure the security and authenticity of the purchase made.

“The Metaverse marks a very important guideline in the visual arts, just as the modernists did in their time, even more so, a work from 1912-14 that has presented the opportunity to enter the art of the future,”  said Marcos Salazar Ruiz, owner and recognized Venezuelan plastic artist.

Through the launch of The Magic Violin as NFT, WISe.ART NFT marketplace is motivated to bring more artists and collectors to its platform.