Play-to-earn Dragoma turns out to be a rug pull, $3.5M stolen

Polygon-based play-to-earn game, Dragoma is allegedly a rug pull, reported by blockchain security firm, PeckShield.

The game platform allegedly transferred $1M worth of assets to centralized exchanges, changed social media, and closed down the website. DMA holders also suffer with the coin down by 99.8%

Dragoma was one of the leading crypto games and had quite a name in the GameFi industry. It was a play-to-earn game that attracted many players to join and invest their money.

Based on the latest reports, the rug pull has caused a $3.5M loss to the victims, around $420,000 USDT and 880,000 MATIC were salvaged from the project. The Polygonscan data shows that 5700+ wallets held Dragoma, and one member lost around $10,000 in the rug pull.

DMA, the native token of Dragoma, was also a widely invested coin in the market that dropped from its 160% record to almost 0% with the current price at $0.0015.

The Dragoma team has officially ghosted. The website was deleted, the Telegram channel was deleted, and the Twitter account has also been deactivated or changed usernames.

The users are on a hunt to locate the team members or any accounts connected to the Dragoma team; however, nothing has been found as of yet. Experts are advising users to disconnect wallets from Dragoma’s site to avoid any further risk.