Is PlayStation expanding towards NFTs?

Recently, PlayStation dropped a survey for Evo players asking users if they were interested in NFTs, and what type. The survey was dropped between August 5 and 7.

The traditional gaming world has been constantly avoiding NFTs and blockchain-based in-game assets for a long time. Many gaming companies like Epic Games, Team17, Eve Online, and Ubisoft have withdrawn from their decisions to expand into the blockchain world.

Now, Evo seems to be taking a small step towards NFTs by taking the survey from players. The questionnaire asks players “what do you collect most?” with a few options, and also “which of the following NFT/Digital Collectibles would you most be interested in purchasing?”

Although this doesn’t really imply that PlayStation itself is considering expansion into NFTs, the survey from Evo might also help the PlayStation team know whether their market is ready for NFTs or not.

Nonetheless, many people still question why the top gaming platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox haven’t introduced their own marketplace as digital collectibles are most common on these platforms.

The platforms seem to be reluctant with the Web3 development probably because of the extreme views its players hold

Will Evo’s survey lead PlayStation towards NFTs or will it keep avoiding it until the market’s perspective shifts? The NFT community widely awaits its decision.