This week’s NFT news is filled with exciting developments. 

Polium announced it will be launching a multichain Web3 gaming console that supports NFTs, while Nike just filed a patent to build its own video game NFTs. Additionally, Facebook is testing its NFT feature with U.S. creators.


Polium announces Web3 gaming console

Polium will be launching the world’s first-ever multichain Web3 gaming console that supports NFTs. Polium One is designed based on the traditional consoles but will feature blockchain and Web3 specifications including its own crypto wallet. The company announced the console will be released in the Q3 of 2024.

Nike is building a video game NFTs

Nike might be considering adding a “virtual shoe, article of apparel, headgear, avatar, or pet” as NFTs into the video game. As of now, the plan is still in the early stages since only a patent was filed by Nike.

Meta to add NFTs to Social Media

Meta announced its next step toward bringing NFTs to social media platforms. After the successful launch of NFTs on Instagram, Facebook is the next big platform where NFTs will be shared.

Recently, Meta announced Facebook will be first testing its NFT feature with selected U.S creators, the same as it did with Instagram. After that, Facebook will officially launch the feature on its international server.