to integrate Space-themed NFTs on Polygon


UFO Gaming, a decentralized GameFi project, is partnering with Polygon Studios to launch Super Galactic’s Origin Genesis NFTs via Polygon.

The unique collaboration between UFO Gaming and Polygon Studios will provide users with high scalability and low fee transactions for staking via Polygon.

UFO Gaming is an emergingGameFi project built on a decentralized model. On July 26, Polygon Studios announced an official partnership with UFO Gaming to help the company launch its space-themed NFTs aka Super Galactic’s Origin Genesis NFT collection.

Both companies have been making efforts to build a metaverse world, so this partnership will help them to explore the metaverse technology.

Through this collaboration, the users will be able to enjoy the full-stack scaling solution and high-speed zero-fee transactions via Polygon. Polygon is a scaling solution platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers much more facilities than the Ethereum protocol.

According to the UFO Gaming team, Polygon will support the “unique dynamic NFTs, which will be updated every 24 hours.” Additionally, the team also listed a few reasons why the collaboration with Polygon for dApps is important.

Polygon will help UFO Gaming fully utilize Ethereum’s network effects as part of its ecosystem, enhance security, supportive architecture, and their emphasis on gaming and cryptocurrency.

UFO Gaming will utilize both Ethereum’s security and Polygon’s scaling solutions to bring out the true potential of its GameFi project.