Polygon x Neowiz launch Intella X, the Next-Gen Web3 gaming platform

Polygon announces a partnership with Neowiz,  a South Korean-based video game development and online publishing giant founded in 1997, to launch Intella X, a next-Gen Web3 gaming platform. Polygon’s scalability will assist developers for games and users to play, contribute, and earn on its platform.

Intella X is a blockchain-based gaming platform with a unique reward system for its ecosystem contributors with IX token, the native token. The platform uses proof of contribution instead of validators and staking to reward contributors.

Contributors are platform providers, developers, and users in the ecosystem. The developers bring revenues, user traffic, and liquidity to earn, while users provide liquidity and yield/stake farming to earn.

Intella X’s  “contribute-play within the ecosystem in various forms such as providing liquidity, staking, and interacting with onboarded dApps as well as platform services to earn their share of the distributed digital assets,”  the website reads.

Intella X’s upcoming Web3 gaming projects such as House of Poker, House of Slots, A.V.A, Cats & Soup, Early Retired Cats Club, House of Blackjack, Brave Nine, and Crypto Golf Impact are developed by NEOWIZ and other third-party developers and powered by Polygon’s scaling solution platform.

“Polygon is teaming up with the massively popular Neowiz Corporation…”  Polygon’s statement reads,  “Together, we will launch a brand new Web3 gaming platform, dubbed Intella X, which will bring some of Neowiz’s popular gaming IPs, including "Cats & Soup" and "Brave Nine," to Web3 for the first time.”