NFT sold for $630,000 after Meta’s exec joins the board

Pudgy Penguin #6873 becomes the highest-selling NFT for 400ETH ($630,780) on OpenSea having the unique features of a Green Background, Mirrored body & face, and Black skin. The new owner of this Penguin is @KinkyBedBugs on Twitter.

This week Pudgy Penguins team welcomed Jordan Sterling from Partnerships at Meta as part of the NFT project’s advisory. This news was big enough to boost Pudgy Penguins’ floor prices high

Pudgy Penguins is an Ethereum-based 8,888 NFT collection of Pudgys that have waddled in the NFT space to spread positivity, love, and compassion.

A team of builders, creators, operators, and thinkers gathered around to create the Pudgy Penguins NFTs. The collection became a global hit when it was launched in 2021; sold out within 20 minutes.

For the past month, the trading volume of Pudgy Penguins on OpenSea has increased to more than 69% with prices surging 400% high, making it the best-selling NFT collection of August.

The reason is the members of the advisory board are executives from well-established firms such as Meta, Nansen, and Saks Fifth Avenue, so their reputation is enough to push NFT prices high.

Additionally, Pudgy Penguins have been replaced with a new team led by Luca Schnetzler. Experts believe the NFT project will surely rise to compete with BAYC or CryptoPunks.

As a result, Pudgy Penguins NFTs have raised in value on OpenSea. Based on recent data, the prices for each Penguin NFT with valuable rarity have sold with prices ranging from $5,000 to $9,000.

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