Queen Elizabeth II NFTs trends on OpenSea following her death

The 96-year-old Queen of England, Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, as a result, many NFTs were listed on OpenSea to honor her legacy, gaining a lot of attention in the NFT community.

A majority of collectors poured in on the marketplace to buy collectibles related to the Queen. From old photographs to generative art, Queen Elizabeth was the center of attention in the Web3 world.

An NFT project called QueenE was launched in July featuring Ethereum-based pixel art NFTs of Her Majesty. When the news of the longest-serving monarch came, the secondary sales of QueenE surged high.

To pay respect, QueenE DAO announced they would be releasing the final auction, the 73rd of the Gen1 QueenE collection, which gained a lot of attention. The Gen 2 will also be released soon.

Other collections also include RIP The Queen Official featured 8,000 NFTs of computer-generated art with different rarity traits.

A collection featured photographs of the Queen on various occasions such as her family coronation, her childhood, and her youth. Another collection of 1,960 NFTs £1 notes with Queen Elizabeth’s face.

As time passes by, many other NFT collections and photograph NFTs might be listed on OpenSea as well.

NFTs have provided people with infinite possibilities. The NFTs released in honor of Queen Elizabeth will remain on the blockchain forever as a memory and a historical moment for coming generations.

Many crypto tokens were also listed related to the late Queen such as Queen Elizabeth Inu, Save the Queen, Queen,  QueenDoge, London Bridge is Down, and many more.

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