Safeheron to integrate MPC security in MetaMask snaps system

Safeheron, an open-source virtual asset self-custody platform, announces a partnership with MetaMask to integrate its Multi-Party Compute (MPC) security system on MetaMask’s wallets and snaps using MPCSnap.

All the devices and applications that support MetaMask Snaps, extension, mobile app, and the Keystone hardware wallet can utilize MPC-TEE security solutions to enhance the safety of digital assets.

Safeheron is committed to being open-source and transparent with its operation. MetaMask has made a strategic partnership with Safeheron to give an extra layer of protection to its users.

For the past few years, many scammers have benefitted from weak security on wallets, costing millions of dollars loss to the users. MetaMask has been taking big steps into improving wallet security.

“We’re specifically enthusiastic to partner with Safeheron to trial their tech to help introduce an extra layer of protection for MetaMask users,”  says Alex Jupiter, MetaMask’s Senior Product Manager.

Users can install MPCSnap on their MetaMask flask, then create MPC Wallet through a QR code. MPCSnap can be used to send or deposit ETH from one wallet to another with an extra authentication factor.

“We’ve spent years developing our radically complex open-source, zero-trust MPC-TEE security solution in-house, which until today is a first in Asia,”  said Wade Wang, CEO, and Founder of Safeheron.

As of now, Safeheron has received $7M in a pre-A funding round which will be used to make their technology available for more clients and expand support to MetaMask’s extension and mobile app soon.