Screen Queensland

 announces $1M funds for AU game developers

Screen Queensland, an Australian-based government-owned screen agency, has announced funds worth $1M for seven small indie game developer projects and startups at the Gamescom conference in Germany.

Widely known for its contribution to Nintendo Switch and board games, Cult of the Lamb and Unpacking,  Screen Queensland is back with yet another funding program to help develop local games.


Cult of The Lamb


“Screen Queensland’s Digital Games Incentive” will grant funds to 4 projects, Protostar Games, Drop Bear Bytes, Gameloft Brisbane, and Prideful Sloth with 15% rebate and over $250,000 for spending.

Three game projects, Maxart, Half Sun Studios, and Chinfinger will receive around $90,000 each from “Screen Queensland’s Games Grants” to fund different phases of the game development process.

Kylie Munnich, Screen Queensland’s CEO, says Screen Queensland is committed to empowering the local indie games since 2015 and will continue to grow the industry and attract international companies.

“The quality of the games applications we’re receiving demonstrates that Queensland is on the trajectory to becoming a driving force in Australia’s digital games space,”  said Munnich.

All the games receiving funds are in the development stage and are most likely to be launched by 2023. By funding these local projects, Munnich believes Australia can compete in the gaming industry.


The agency made the funding announcement at the Gamescom conference where many Australian game developers, creators, and investors gathered to celebrate the advancement of the gaming industry.