Celebrities join the NFT bandwagon

Celebrities from music, entertainment, sports, and internet media are now joining the NFT bandwagon. Since last year, many high-profile celebrities have bought Bored Ape, participated, collaborated, or invested in various NFT projects.

With the sudden yet gradual celebrity wave of NFTs, the fans are also adopting the digital craze. Here’s everything you need to know.

With NFTs, common people realized the importance of ownership and rarity. Now, millions of people can own their favorite artwork or any other content in digital form.

With NFT floor prices peaking high, celebrities from various industries also showed interest in digital collectibles. The most famous example is Snoop Dogg, who is one of the earliest celebrities to buy NFTs and become a proper NFT influencer.

Similarly, sports players like Neymar Jr, Dez Bryant, Serena Williams, Steph Curry, Dillian Whyte, and many more have also bought NFTs and dropped their own featured digital collectibles in partnership with NFT brands.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, the highest-selling NFT collection has become a kind of digital collectible for the elite. Almost every high-profile figure or rich person owns a Bored Ape.

The Bored Ape craze

The Bored Ape collection has now attracted celebrities to the NFT platform. Almost every famous figure you follow will own at least one Bored Ape in their portfolio.

The most recent example is the famous Tennis player Serena Williams and football player Neymar showing off their Bored Apes on their official accounts. Snoop Dogg and his son also own Bored Apes which have become their signature avatars in the NFT community.

The bored Ape is the elite status symbol but many celebrities are now moving toward releasing their own NFT collections for fans.

Still, some celebrities are very adamant about adopting modern technologies, so fans are conditioned to show interest. As more and more celebrities enter the NFT space, the industry is most likely to grow as well.