South Korean Government to issue NFT citizenship for Metaverse city

Seongnam, a city in South Korea, is launching its very own Metaverse, called “Metaverse Special City Seongnam” in early 2023. The city government announced it will issue NFT citizenship for users.

Metaverse cities are becoming an ideal project for developed countries. There has been a huge demand for virtual worlds that unites people in one space without physically relocating anywhere.

The idea of a metaverse city was just a vision but now it is becoming a reality. The metaverse cities are actively in development starting in Hong Kong, Dubai, and now South Korea.

So far, Hong Kong Mega City has seen its successful launch, which has now become a center of a cultural hub and digital economy. Similarly, Dubai is building its virtual image in the metaverse.

The Japanese Government recently awarded its officials with NFT awards for their contributions to digital technology adoption in cities instead of physical ones.

The Seongnam government is pushing towards building a metaverse city for the public. The development will begin next month and is expected to be launched by April 2023.

According to local reports, the Seongnam metaverse city will feature NFT citizenship, which means users will be able to enter the virtual platform by using NFTs as authorization of identity.

South Korea is widely known for its technological advancements. It has a huge crypto and NFT community that is actively building with the rest of the world. Now, metaverse is coming to the country.

Metaverse Special City Seongnam is expected to be open to the public in May or June 2023. No further details have been shared as of now.