Star Wars debuts Boba Fett NFT on the VeVe app

The phenomenal movie series, Star Wars partnered up with the VeVe to debut Boba Fett NFTs, a famous character from the movie Star Wars™ Episode V:‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ The NFT will available via blind box format on July 30, 2022, on the VeVe app.

Star Wars fans can now own originally produced NFTs by the production company of their character. The Boba Fett NFTs are part of the Underworlders Collection.

A total of 3 rarity tiers will be sold namely, Boba Fett ‘Ready for Action,’ Boba Fett ‘On Guard,’ and Boba Fett ‘I Have You In My Sights’. Each NFT has a different number of editions with Common having 11,958 editions to Ultra Rare having 5,932.

The Boba Fett NFT will be sold for 80 GEMS each, which is the native coin on the VeVe app. Users can either transfer money from their credit card (1 GEM= 1USD) or crypto wallet to buy GEMS on the app.

Each NFT is designed with a feature. When a buyer opens the blind box, they can view it in AR in physical space using the VeVe app.

Stars Wars is a widely known movie series with millions of fans from all around the world. VeVe app offers global fans the opportunity to own a collectible and make it part of their NFT collection.

On the other hand, the VeVe app has already partnered with various companies, including Disney to drop character-specific NFT collections, which sold out within minutes.