Starbucks x Polygon unveils Starbucks Odyssey and Limited Edition NFTs

Starbucks is finally brewing the Web3 coffee experience with an NFT-centric web app, Starbucks Odyssey, in partnership with Polygon. Members can also buy a limited edition of stamps NFTs via the app.

Starbucks has been making efforts to expand into the Web3 space since the beginning of 2022, the previous CEO Howard Schultz expressed the company’s intention to introduce NFTs with unique benefits.

Now, the world’s largest coffee brand is finally launching an NFT ecosystem based on its existing loyalty program to build a community where members can receive exclusive digital and physical coffee experiences.

Starbucks Odyssey features many activities related to Starbucks, “Journeys” to earn rewards. A whitelist opened on Sep 12; once registered, the users can log in, play games, and complete challenges.

Members can also buy limited edition stamps NFTs without the requirement of a crypto wallet or crypto tokens on its built-in marketplace. Starbucks Odyssey also offers an ownership stake to its users.

Each stamp NFT comes with a point based on its rarity. As users buy, trade, and sell NFTs on the marketplace, the points will increase, which will unlock exclusive benefits and rewards.

The rewards range from a “virtual espresso martini-making class” to “trips to Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica.”  Starbucks Odyssey is truly an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

To ensure its operations are environment-friendly and scalable “that aligns with our sustainability aspirations and commitment,Starbucks chose Polygon to launch its Web3 app.

“As a leading infrastructure provider…, Polygon provides the ideal launchpad for Starbucks’ entry into Web3,”  Co-Founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal said in a blog post.

The whitelist for Starbucks Odyssey is open from today. Register to get that Web3 coffee experience with Starbucks