Terrorist Group ISIS drops NFTs to raise funds and circumvent sanctions

The Terrorist Group, ISIS, and their counterpart groups are making a move in the NFT world to spread malicious messages and raise funds for terror attacks violating the US sanctions, WSJ reports.

ISIS or Islamic State is a militant group that has been terrorizing the world for decades. By utilizing the latest technology and weapons, they force their ideologies on people by attacking various sites.

After a strict operation by the military and US sanctions, the militant group has been underground for a long time. However, now, it is emerging again quietly by utilizing blockchain technology.

According to Wall Street Journal, Jihadoscope co-founder Raphael Gluck has identified  “IS-NEWS #01” NFT during his research and deep investigation of ISIS’s social media accounts.

The NFT features a message praising its militants for attacking a Taliban position in Afghanistan with an ISIS emblem on it.

The article also mentioned that Islamic State had previously minted two more NFTs, a clip teaching children to make explosives and another condemning cigarettes, but none of them are on sale.

The NFTs were momentarily posted on OpenSea, Rarible, and other marketplaces but were quickly taken down before they spread out on the internet.

Since blockchain technology permanently feeds data into the ledger, Gluck speculates that the terrorist group is trying to “make content indestructible” via NFTs.

“There’s not really anything anyone can do to actually take this NFT down,” said Mario Cosby, a federal intelligence analyst who investigates cases related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This has alarmed the authorities that ISIS might be looking for ways to gather finances to buy weapons and cause terror around the world again.


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