launches the Alpha version of its first-ever P2P video chat app



Tether, the world’s top-trading stablecoin $USDC, launches the Alpha version of its first-ever social media app, a P2P video calling chat application called ‘Keet’ in partnership with the Bitfinex crypto exchange and Hypercore.

Keet is Tether’s first ever social media app built on Holepunch, a Web3 platform for building fully encrypted P2P applications, currently only available on Desktop but will soon launch a mobile app in the coming months.

It is a free video calling application utilizing peer-to-peer connections to offer real-time audio/video calls, text chat, and file sharing powered by an innovative DLT stack.

What makes it different from Web2 applications? It gives full control to the users with no third-party involvement.

This means, unlike Zoom or Whatsapp which utilize a central server, the video chats and messages are only seen by peers and no central party has the authority to access the data.

According to the official press release, Keet is built for P2P interactions but will also include Bitcoin and USDC payment support in the future.

Additionally, Keet is a demo app that will test Holepunch’s technology for developers in the Web3 space.  “Having built Keet on top of Holepunch, we know firsthand how powerful the platform is, and we cannot wait to see what other developers will build,”  said Holepunch CEO Mathias Buus.

Holepunch’s P2P infrastructure is built with the vision same as Jack Dorsey’s user-focused Web5 but with more flexibility, the same goes for Keet. All in all, it is a free app for everyone, says CEO Buus.