The Sandbox x FlickPlay

to debut NFTs with phygital utility

The Sandbox has partnered with FlickPlay, a Web3-based social app, to launch exclusive NFTs giving holders physical and digital utility. FlickPlay will also bring Sandbox avatars to life on its app.

FlickPlay is a social app platform where users can claim Flickys and avatars in the real world and own them. It is much similar to the Pokemon Go app but with more IRL utility and features.

The app is collaborating with the world’s largest virtual playground to expand its metaverse ventures by releasing exclusive NFTs called Flickys attached to the Sandbox ecosystem.

The holders will own Flickys and enjoy the Sandbox utilities attached to them. According to the press release, 10 Flickys with Sandbox Land will get a LAND in the metaverse as well.

Furthermore, 50 Flickys wearing The Sandbox Hoodie will get voxelized avatars and 140 Flickys with sand aura will receive 50 SAND tokens to users only. Only holders can claim these utilities.

This partnership between Sandbox and FlickPlay is quite extensive as the owners will receive high social class status on the app, and also be able to utilize FlickPlay’s AR technology.

The app will allow users to bring every Sandbox Asset along with their avatars to appear in AR. They can use avatars to record videos in real-world and playable avatars in The Sandbox metaverse.

The mint for NFTs will only be available on the FlickyGang website. They can also claim Flickys for free by downloading the app and navigating on the FlickPlay virtual map.

As of now, no mint details or launch date have been revealed but will be announced soon in the coming weeks by The Sandbox and the FlickPlay team.

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