The Weeknd spends over $70K to buy Fvckrender’s NFTs

The Weeknd spends over $70K to buy Fvckrender’s NFTs

The famous Canadian pop star and R&B artist, The Weeknd, just went on a shopping spree and bought 47 pieces by NFT artist, Fvckrender in one go. The Grammy-winning musician spent over 40 ETH, around $70K to buy these valuable digital collectibles, creating a buzz in the NFT community.

Celebrities are widely known for their intense bulk buying of valuable or favorite products with high-spending costs, especially in America. Music pop culture has seen insane amounts of money spent on cars, homes, properties, accessories, and now NFTs.There’s no doubt in saying NFTs are the new pop culture trend to show off wealth around the world.

Famous personalities like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and many more have joined the NFT bandwagon. Now, The Weeknd seems to be entering the trend as well.

Based on various sources, the Canadian star went on a shopping spree to buy digital art by Fvckrender on the SuperRare marketplace. The Weeknd seems to have taken a liking to the NFT artist’s unique futuristic art style that matches his music aesthetics well.

The Weeknd made no effort to hide his identity when buying the NFT. In fact, currently, SuperRare shows ‘@theweeknd’ is the owner of “LIVING” by Fvckrender. He also bought NFTs from the FVCK_CRYSTAL NFT collection as well.

Many fans believe the artist might be gearing up for something new for his music related to the NFTs.

As of now, The Weeknd hasn’t responded to any queries related to the NFT buying.