This NFT project is promoting

Elephant welfare in Thailand

Unchained Elephants NFT is a brand-new project launched to save elephants from harsh work environments and work towards their welfare in Thailand through digital collectibles.

The first phase of this project is to raise awareness of elephant welfare. The team will release an NFT collection from which 40% of proceeds will be used to rescue two or three elephants.

The project will also use these funds to initiate education programs for travelers and elephant caretakers while secondary sales will be used to buy healthy feed for elephants.

For NFT holders, the project will give special perks like visits to Elephant sanctuaries, discounts on Thailand travel, certificate of adoption, and access to an upcoming travel club platform.

The team wants to promote elephant welfare among travelers and visitors because tourism is the biggest obstacle preventing the freedom of these animals. Awareness could save them.

The awareness is not only for travelers but also for owners who need proper education on how to take care of elephants instead of chaining them and not providing them with basic needs.

Unchained Elephants, however, believe that there is a way to provide better welfare for these endangered elephants in captivity while maintaining a more ethical business,” the team said in a post.

Many brands are showing quite an interest in this project to unchain elephants from harsh environments and ensure their preservation. After all, these animals are also close to extinction.

“Elephants are no doubt a ‘must do’ experience activity when visiting Thailand, and I don’t wonder why. They truly are majestic, but there are better ways to do this,” founder Daniel Villota says.



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