Twitter suspends Y00ts, DeGods, and team members’ accounts

Twitter suspends Y00ts, DeGods, and team members’ accounts

Just when y00ts and DeGods were thriving in popularity, Twitter decided to suspend these accounts for no apparent reason. Thankfully, the team has recovered the suspended accounts now.

On 31 August, the DeGods team suddenly lost access to its official Twitter account. Having thousands of followers, the team and the community were concerned about the accounts.

@frankdegods, a team member of DeGods informed that there was no reason for the suspension and also expressed his doubts about a possible phishing attack by hackers to scam people.

The NFT community immediately tagged Twitter Support in their posts to review the suspended accounts, which made recovering the account much easier for the team.

The Twitter suspension comes just 3 days before y00ts and DeGods start the mint for the upcoming NFT collection. People have been actively signing up for the scholarship via Twitter.

With the official account gone, the y00ts team had to create a backup account to maintain its pace and to announce the users added to the whitelist for mint.

The team was able to recover both of its accounts. @frankdegods announced that Twitter had officially unsuspended the official accounts and the team was able to log in again.

So, what was the reason behind the suspension? No one really knows. Either the accounts violated Twitter guidelines or some users massively reported the accounts. The reason remains unknown.

DeGods and y00ts have been trending for many days but when the accounts were suspended, the flow was broken. @frankdegods believes this is a good sign for the team about y00ts success.

The y00ts mint will continue this week without any interruptions.

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