Universal’s multi-selling band KINGSHIP NFTs sold out

Universal Music Group’s multi-Ethereum-selling music digital band, KINGSHIP recently sold out its debut NFT collection featuring 5,000 Key Cards on OpenSea. Launched on July 14, the KINGSHIP NFT collection ranked #1 on the OpenSea Music Chart for 24 hours.

KINGSHIP is the first-ever bored Ape NFTs music band to be signed with a music label.

The band includes three Bored Apes and a Mutant Ape named Captain (vocals, bass), KING (lead vocals), Arnell (beats, drums, producer), and Hud (guitar, keys, and vocals). KINGSHIP was created by 10:22PM.

The KINGSHIP is managed by Grammy Award-winning producers, artists, a well-known animator, and founders from the NFT community.

The NFT collection by KINGSHIP featured Key Cards that would give access to KINGSHIP’s virtual world, exclusive music, merch, and a private community for fans.

The virtual world is four Towers on an Island, currently in the making process.

Each band member will have their own Tower and the Key Card NFT holder will gain access to one of the Towers.

Those with all four Key Cards get access to a floating villa above the Towers.

These Key Cards are the first NFT collection by KINGSHIP released on July 14 on the OpenSea marketplace.

As soon as they were launched, people rushed onto the platform to buy Universal’s digital band Key Cards which eventually sold out by July 15.

The KINGSHIP Key Cards became the best-selling NFT collection in a single day, last week.