to introduce fundamental courses of the Metaverse

The University of Tokyo or Todai announces it will introduce new courses related to fundamentals of the metaverse. The courses will be offered to individuals from junior high school students to office workers, The Asahi Shimbun reports.

Metaverse is slowly expanding and Japan is one of the earliest adopters of this technology. However, a need for public awareness and education about the metaverse are essential to ensure its positive use.

Todai’s Faculty of Engineering and other engineering graduate schools are working together to introduce a series of courses related to the metaverse. The students will experience education in an online virtual-reality space to familiarize them with the metaverse.

The university aims to give a more practical and immersive experience instead of just teaching it through textbooks. High school students will be introduced to engineering and science-related subjects with the program to help them choose a better career path. Special efforts will be put to increase the female population in engineering fields as well.

The office workers can learn new skills in the areas of artificial intelligence, entrepreneurial education, next-generation communication technology, etc. Todai plans to involve other institutions and companies to give a whole practical experience to make them ready for the market.

All in all, the university officials believe by introducing metaverse courses, people of all ages and genders could learn about information technology and engineering, which is the future of the world.