US State Securities order cease and desist to a Casino Metaverse

Slotie, a virtual casino platform, receives an order to cease and desist its operations from US State Securities in Texas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Alabama due to illegal activity.

On October 20, the metaverse platform was charged for distributing NFTs as unregistered securities and for lack of state registration. The US authorities are now investigating the case.

As the popularity of NFTs rises, many companies and projects are using these collectibles as unregistered securities to fund themselves illegally. This can cause huge damage to the economy.

“The Slotie NFTs purportedly provide investors with ownership interests in the casinos and the right to passively share in the profits of the casinos,” a statement by the Texas Securities reads.

“Slotie also allegedly issued WATTs, an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain that plays a key role in the illegal scheme,” the statement included.

The platform also didn’t provide adequate information on operating virtual gambling; instead, it released fake information and didn’t register as a broker-dealer based on the US laws for casinos.

The authorities believe Slotie is a risk to the investors who have poured hundreds of dollars into NFTs. Thus, to prevent further damage, the platform is ordered to cease and desist.

This isn’t the first time a virtual casino was shut down. Recently, US authorities also investigated  Flamingo Casino Club and Sand Vegas Casino Club for promoting illegal offerings similar to Slotie.

Will Slotie be able to defend itself from the authorities or face a charge for violating the US registration laws? The US State Securities are currently on the case.

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