Vas Modinos shares the importance of investing in Web3 education

Vas Modinos, the Founder of Blockready and NFTStudio24 Expert Alliance member, attended the Future Blockchain Summit in GITEX Global Dubai this week to talk about the importance of Web3 education.

As a pioneering blockchain enthusiast and educator, Modinos highlighted that the industry should weigh its priorities on educating the public about Web3 and the metaverse.

Modinos also advised attendees to invest in themselves before entering the blockchain or crypto market. This means individuals should take time to educate themselves about this new technology.

“Learning the essentials will allow you to make informed decisions whether these are investment, career, or business-related,” he said.

“It will also protect you from falling victim to hype and misinformation and navigate this amazing new world of opportunities safely and with confidence!”

Modinos’ Blockready courses are perfectly designed to educate people and help them develop adequate skills to adopt the upcoming future of the internet aka Web3 in their daily life.

As a member of the NFTStudio24 Expert Alliance, Modinos’ vision of Web3 aligns well with NFTStudio24’s upcoming “Metaverse for All” campaign that aims to educate over 3 million people worldwide.

NFTStudio24 and Blockready along with Vas Modinos are ready to revolutionize the world by promoting Web3 and metaverse education.

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