Goat Gift #7 

Goat Gift #7 

Good news for Gift Goat NFT owners! VeeFriends is partnering with the world-renowned artist and SuperDucks creator, FrankyNines for its 7th limited edition collection of Gift Goat NFTs.

Gift Goat is one of the characters from the VeeFriends NFT project launched by Gary Vee, who is also the chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia.

After the success of the Gift Goat NFT collection, VeeFriends is ready to launch another collection featuring specially made 555 Gift Goat NFTs. What’s more? holders will receive a pair of Huckberry Duck Boots for free!

At the first launch of Gift Goat NFTs, VeeFriends announced NFT holders will receive six physical gifts per year. So, the Gift Goat Gift #7 collection basically their first gift of 2nd year for holders.


For this collection, Gift Goat owners will receive two special gifts from VeeFriends. One is Huckberry's exclusive pair of Duck Boots and one NFT from the VeeFriends x FrankyNines Gift Goat limited edition.

FrankyNines has been involved in various projects with VeeFriends. In fact, he even designed the logo for VeeFriends. Widely known for his attractive digital illustrations, Franky Nines is now giving Gift Goat holders an exclusive edition of NFTs personally designed by him.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming VeeFriends x FrankyNines Gift Goat Gift #7 NFT collection!

This collaboration holds a special meaning to VeeFriends and its NFT holders because FrankyNines has been part of the project’s journey since the start.