“Wow grape”



to be sold to fund Pakistan flood victims

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“Wow grape” a viral meme owner, Sehar Kamran, has decided to turn it into an NFT to be sold for auction on Foundation.app. The earnings will be donated to help the affected flood victims in Pakistan.

Pakistan was recently hit by a massive flood due to the climate crisis, drowning ⅓ of the country and leaving over 30 million people homeless and shelterless.

During this time, Sehar is stepping up to sell her NFT meme for auction to help the affected flood victims. She came on Twitter to announce that the NFT meme will go for auction on 30 Sep 2022.

The meme is actually a video of a teacher asking students to pledge allegiance to Pakistan. Many snippets of this video went viral in 2020 and have been used a lot on social media platforms.

One of the most popular clips was of Sehar saying “Wow great” but was interpreted as “Wow grape” and widely circulated around the internet. The video itself has over 63 million views on TikTok.

The NFT collection is minted by a Sweden-Pakistan-based software company, Maqssoft, with the consent of Sehar Kamran in hopes to help hopeless floor victims with the earnings.

Since last year, many NFT owners minted their viral memes as NFTs to either fund their studies or earn a living. These NFT memes were sold out for thousands of dollars.

To take advantage of the NFT meme hype in 2022, Sehar decided to do something great for a cause by selling her “wow grape” meme as an NFT.