Vitalik Buterin criticizes Saylor, believes Meta’s Metaverse will backfire

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, made headlines as he expressed his opinions on Zuckerberg’s attempt to create a Metaverse and criticized Saylor by calling him a “total clown.”

At Blockchain Economy Istanbul 2022 Summit, Bitcoin Maximalist Michael Saylor called out Ethereum for violating securities laws and being unethical, to which Buterin responded in harsh words. He said, “Why do maximalists keep picking heroes that turn out to be total clowns?” as a reply to the video of Saylor discussing securities.

Similarly, in another tweet, Buterin shared that he believed Meta’s Metaverse would most likely be a failure in response to a tweet made by blockchain auditor, Dean Eigenmann who said,  “All the ideas on concepts make sense…but I still do not believe it will happen in the ways VCs are currently funding.”

“The "metaverse" is going to happen but I don't think any of the existing corporate attempts to intentionally create the metaverse are going anywhere,” he quoted.

Mark Zuckerberg has been making efforts to bring his social media platforms to build a metaverse available for everyone. His plan has already begun with his social sites introducing new NFT features on the apps.

Buterin believes that Metaverse is still in its initial stage where no specific definition exists. So, Meta’s concept Metaverse might not fulfill the demands of people because no one really knows what they want. “So anything Facebook creates now will misfire,” he said.