says The Merge is only 55% of the Ethereum development



Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind of the Ethereum blockchain, says Ethereum development is only 55% complete after The Merge. He attended the EthCC conference on July 21, 2022, where he detailed where Ethereum stands in the market as of now.

Buterin spoke about the Ethereum developments and said that it is in a transitional state that would continue for years. As of now, Ethereum is only 40% complete, and The Merge would make it 55% complete

“The difference between bitcoin and Ethereum is that Bitcoiners consider Bitcoin to be 80% complete, but Ethereans consider Ethereum to be 40% complete,” he said.

The Merge this year is the first out of five stages for the evolution of Ethereum. This means after the merge, the surge, the verge, the purge, and finally, the splurge will happen.

After the merge, sharding of Ethereum will take place, giving way to the second stage called the surge which will speed up transactions up to 100K transactions per second.” After the surge, the verge will take place in “2023 or maybe 2024.”.

Furthermore, Buterin also shared that the blockchain is looking for ways to improve its scalability and decentralized model and to increase its capability and decrease complexity in the coming years.

For the verge, Buterin shared that Ethereum will develop Layer 1 for “security and dependability” and Layer 2 to enhance “rapid iteration and action.

All in all, Vitalik Buterin aims to make the Ethereum protocol much simpler and easier to navigate in the future.