Warner Bros to debut exclusive Lord of the Rings NFTs

Warna Bros, the global media and entertainment company, is finally entering the NFT scene.

Recently, Warner Bros announced the debut of 10,999 NFTs featuring exclusive content from the famous movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on the Eluvio blockchain on Oct 21.

There are two types of NFTs in the collection:

10,000 Mystery Edition NFTs for $30 each 999 Epic Edition NFTs for $100 each

The Mystery Edition will feature interactive one of the three locations as rarity traits:  The Shire (Common),  Rivendell (Uncommon),  and Mines of Moria (Rare).

The Epic Edition is the same as Mystery Edition but with all 3 location benefits. There are also bonus image galleries.

Each NFT includes the full movie in digital form with unreleased scenes, 8 hours of special features & commentaries, a location-specific gallery, and an AR collectible.

Although the media industry has been avoiding such content as NFTs, Eluvio introduces a new way of storing media content with ownership that can be traded using crypto tokens.

To buy Warner Bros’ first NFT collection, people must first register for the Eluvio crypto wallet or have a MetaMask wallet.

The mint will take place on Oct 21 at 9 AM PT and 12 PM ET on the official Warner Bros website:


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