All you need to know about WikiLeaks founder Assange’s 

Clock NFT

The Clock NFT is a digital clock counting days Assange has spent in London’s Belmarsh Prison or as the artist behind the collection says “a time counter of being muted.”

The 1/1 collectible was designed by artist Murat Pak as part of his Censored art collection in 2021.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently serving a life sentence for allegedly leaking sensitive information about the US military but denied claiming the case is political.

In Web3, Assange and NFT artist PAK partnered to create a Clock NFT to help him fund his legal counsel and battle against the US court.

The Clock NFT, minted on the smart contracts, was sold for $55 million in ETH to AssangeDAO, an organization by his brother Gabriel Shipton and other important figures to support him.

All the proceeds from the NFT sale were donated to the Wau Holland Foundation, an organization that funds the Wikileaks founder’s legal defense.

Clock NFT holds a lot of importance and value for Assange’s supporters because it showcases the days of injustice that he is forced to suffer all because of speaking against the powerful people.

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