WoW x OnCyber airdrops Capacitors in WoWverse to NFT holders

On August 31, World of Women airdropped Capacitors, redeemable OnCyber virtual homes to WoW and WoWG NFT holders. These virtual homes will be part of WoW’s upcoming universe, WoWverse.

Like Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse, WoW is also building its own virtual worlds where WoW/G holders will be able to enjoy the 3D immersive experience.

The Capacitors are divided into two types of virtual homes. Those who received blue Capacitors will get Origin Residence, while red Capacitors will get Nebula Quarters.

WoW is finally expanding beyond just being a PFP collection on social media to become a proper NFT project with an ecosystem. The Capacitors are only the beginning of what’s to come in the future.

The WoW Medium says Capacitors are the foundational component for WoWverse  “which begins the enablement of building and empowering your digital identity in new, innovative ways,” -Shannon Snow COO.

For this very reason, World of Women has partnered with OnCyber, a world-building engine for Web3, to deploy these Capacitors, personally designed by the NFT artists and CEO of WoW, Yam Karkai.

OnCyber will enable owners to turn Capacitor NFTs into ERC 1155 tokens with a unique URL for users who own either an Origin Residence or Nebula Quarters.

The Capacitors aren’t available on the secondary market; only the WoW/G community received them and can redeem them to get virtual homes in the WoW universe.

According to the post, this airdrop is season one of Capacitors, so users can expect more upcoming drops. The WoW team seems to have everything planned out for the WoWverse.

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