to launch its crypto trading platform


XP, a Brazil-based brokerage, partners with Nasdaq to launch its first crypto trading platform, XTAGE. Users can now buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and Ethereum using XTAGE on the XP app in Brazil.

According to the official statement by Nasdaq, XTAGE is built using technology from Nasdaq. Users from Brazil can download the XP app and create a digital account to trade the two listed cryptocurrencies.

“Nasdaq’s robust and flexible infrastructure technology, designed to meet market demands, as well as current and future regulatory structures, will allow XP to scale its platform reliably and introduce new asset classes as they grow and evolve,”  said  Roland Chai, the Executive Vice President of XP.

Brazilian citizens have been showing a great amount of interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. This new trading platform will enable Brazilians to freely trade Bitcoin and Ether without any restrictions.

A Nasdaq representative shared that the platform will add more services and products in the future to grow into an essential trading app for users.

The XP trading platform was already announced in May but officially got integrated with the brokerage today, on 16 August 2022.

According to the CEO of XTAGE, XP has been receiving a lot of requests from clients regarding virtual assets. Having a good reputation and trust from the clients, XP decided to expand its business in the crypto market which holds huge potential in the future as well.